DYSWIS is destined to become a multimedia installation, a full-length Fringe show and a health and educational training tool.

Workshopped with 2 actors, and a musician Feb 7-9, 2020, and to be further workshopped during the latter part of this year.

See Musings for more information.

'Tarsha has worked independently to develop a sensitive performance, that began with a compilation of news reports about a murder trial in the late 1800s. I have been struck by her commitment to in depth research and how the extent of her research is reflected in the depth of the story that she shares with the audience. Her decision to layer this story telling with a piece of sound that she developed sees the work shift into a contemporary space that is both uncomfortable and arresting. The work is layered and interesting and presents the perspective of a woman who was voiceless in her death in a dignified and nuanced way.'

Jessica Foster

Artistic Director

Peggy Buxton Sound Art - Tarsha Cameron
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